More You Should Know About Solinox

A Solinox Primer

A Pentavis Comics series

Many of you have been anxiously awaiting for Solinox #1: The Past Returns. We thank you for your patience! As you know, we have day jobs but are bound and determined to get you the content you want as quickly as we can. This post is to give you a little bit more information as you impatiently wait for your copy to arrive in the mail. Or did you grab the PDF or Kindle version and you already know this! If so, this post has information for you to. Yes, we like to keep you on your toes.

Here we go.

Boston Holt is a tech tycoon from an Earth universe. One of his secret lifestyles is that of a Forlyth - someone who transports people from one universe to another. He had been popping his group of his friends into Force where they made friends and enemies before an unexpected foe rose to power. Boston watched helplessly as a nightmarish battle commenced between his foe and their new enemy. His team perished and he was helpless to stop it.

He used his wealth and resources to create an A.I. and technology that would allow him to send himself to Force. As Treycer, a naive law enforcement recruit, he walks through the city streets looking for leads. When the going gets rough, he becomes Solinox to fight alongside underground rebels aiding their war against a domineering government. In return they provide him with additional resources to bring his nemesis to justice.

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