Force RPG

A multigenre role-playing game taking place in the exoverse of Pentavis. Players become immersed in science-fiction, horror, fantasy and more.

Pentavis Comcs

Computer generated titles taking place primarily in the Force universe. Sons of Earth, Solinox and Pentavis Chronicles are currently featured.

Vymachi CCG

A Customizable Card Game based on Force RPG. Forlyths pit Permaons against teams from other universes. Want to be a beta tester?

Solinox #1: The Past Returns

Boston Holt, a tech tycoon, feels responsible for the murder of his friends in another universe. In Force, he becomes the super-powered vindicator – Solinox – to track down the killer.

In The Past Returns, Solinox eagerly hops on the tail of a hot lead. When he gets what he wants, he bites off more than he can chew!

Solinox promo wallpaper