Cover image of Solinox #1 - The Past Returns

A Solinox Primer A Pentavis Comics series Many of you have been anxiously awaiting for Solinox #1: The Past Returns. We thank you for your patience! As you know, we have day jobs but are bound and determined to get you the content you want as quickly as we can. This post is to give

Solinox A Pentavis Comics title Boston Holt used to be a Forlyth. He and his Permaons made some enemies during their adventures and it didn’t end well for the Permaons. Boston made a vow to bring their killer to justice and he set out to just that. It took him a few years to build new

Sons of Earth A Pentavis Comics title In Earth 1 a Forlyth sends his Permaons into Force where they meet up with Forcers who are on the run from the planet Sotrin, after they steal a self-aware starship called Hamerand. Unbeknownst to the Permaons, one of their mothers was accidentally popped in with them. She

Pentavis Chronicles A Pentavis Comics title This early work from our team was Originally was created as low-page count comics to promote Pentavis: RPG. It was a challenge and we learned a lot from the process which we have continued to improve upon. There are 5 mini-comics which tell a small story in the midst of

Pentavis Comics Here you’ll find a collection of comic book titles with stories taking place, primarily, in the Force universe. Each series is computer generated. These are called CGCs (Computer Generated Comics). Pentavis Chronicles: Random stories involving characters from the other titles teaming up for various adventures outside their normal storylines. (purchase from DriveThruComics) Sons of