Hello Everyone,

Happy 2017 and almost 12 years of published Pentavis products!

It is nice to have an all-in-one website where we can share all aspects of our business with you and in-turn you all can share with us and each other.

This website will grow and the blogs will evolve as will the community of players and readers. We hope you all get to know each otherĀ as we have gotten to know most of you.

Right now we are avidly working on Solinox issue #1. It is the largest project we have worked on and is pushing our skills into new areas. We love what we are accomplishing and we hope you enjoy the fruits of our labor. Here is a photo taken of part of our studio area.

Pentavis Office

Pentavis Office

For you Sons of Earth fans… issue #2 is also in the works.

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