Multigenre Gaming Your creativity needs many outlets. A roleplaying game that can span sci-fi, horror, fantasy, superheros, technology and more, is just what your imagination needs.  Does your mind excitedly reel at the idea of creating stories that can cover different types of stories?  What about the idea of delving into a rich multigenre role-playing

Forlyth RPG System

Forlyth RPG System Would you like a gaming system you can identify with? By combining an intuitive wording system with a 20d (or two), you get exactly what you want. Welcome to the Forlyth RPG System (FRS). Get your pencil, character sheet, calibre chart, 20d, Force RPG Corebook and you are ready to go! These tools

Force RPG

Force RPG Role-playing Games (RPGs) give you the ability to create stories and have your friends interact in them without the setting of a stage. Conversely, you and friends can imagine far off lands and their dramatic situations with your friend who created the story. A multigenre role-playing game gives you the freedom to tell many