How to Use 3DStudio Max With Oculus Gear VR and Rift

How to Immerse Your Readers into Virtual Reality As an artist, you probably enjoy watching peoples enthusiastic reactions as they excitedly take in your latest creation. I think we all do. As a CGI artist, I get to give my audience an immersive experience via virtual reality technology. Would you love to have someone stand

What You Should Know About An Icosahedron and How To Make One

Icosahedron – what is it? An icosahedron [ahy-koh-suh–hee-druh n] is a 20-sided polyhedron. Commonly used in role-playing games, this game piece has determined whether you successfully hack the controls inside an airlock and you live or you botch the hacking attempt and get sucked into space earlier than you’d like. The geeks reading this know

A person using Currents from Force RPG

Have You Discovered Your Superpowers

Superpowers and You Do you ever think about what you would do with superpowers? Even if you aren’t a comic book or superhero fan, you do know a few names of heroes and what their powers are. Dude in a red cape pretending to be a news reporter – name one of his powers. Kid

How You Can Make a Comic Book: Part 2 – The Storyboard

The storyboard process continues our series about How You Can Make a Comic Book. During the storyboard process you determine the page count, working frame layout, camera positions (or perspectives) and framed content. This is where your imagination really comes to life. Grab your script and get ready to draw. And if you are me,

Is Your Creativity Good Enough?

How do you know when your art, storytelling, etc. is “good enough?“ The result of your creativity is always good enough at the time you are working on it. Creativity is the expression of oneself. You have to be the judge of when you are ready while fighting off your own worst critic – you. Your art-form

Pentavis Comics script to storyboard blog illustration

How You Can Make a Comic Book – Part I: The Script

We get asked all the time, “How do you guys make your comics?” The question usually stems from a desire to make their own. Your artistic expression and creative method will be unique to you. After all, isn’t that what art is all about? The art form of comic books combine writing with illustration to

More You Should Know About Solinox

A Solinox Primer A Pentavis Comics series Many of you have been anxiously awaiting for Solinox #1: The Past Returns. We thank you for your patience! As you know, we have day jobs but are bound and determined to get you the content you want as quickly as we can. This post is to give